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Toronto / East Time Canada

Our inner and interactive journey experience is a simple way to raise our frequencies through emotional exploration and the release of low densities not required any longer. Emotions, Energy and Psychosomatic symptoms are always expressing themselves.  The intention is to create the Healing and Empowerment experience that allows the release of stuck emotions and connections NOT in harmony with your own flow.


By mastering the management of your own energy and improving your inner communication you take away internal obstacles that block the healing process. 

The session is addresses to people suffering

  • Stress
  • Physical injuries
  • Emotional injuries
  • Spiritual weakness (apathy, depression, hopelessness) 
  • Chronic diseases or ailments
  • Critical diseases or ailments

Let's explore together:

  • Mind-Physical Body-Emotions and its communication
  • Calm and Relax the Mind -Body (Mind and Body Connection)
  • Inner Landscape connection- Facilitate releasing healing and empowerment through Higher-Self
  • Explore Quantum Energy Awareness and Dialogue
  • Inner Peace


Date: Wednesday 24th, 2024
Cost per Session: o.
7:30 pm  / East Time Canada
1h+ (Sessions can be extended according to the energy of the group. Each participant is free to withdraw at any time)
Presentation, Theory, Topic, Goal Manifestation, The Journey, Discussion, Conclusion, Next Steps, Closure
The Journey: Start > Gratitude > Conscious Connection > Awareness > Open Intention > Coherence > Integration > End

Facilitator: edwin galeano, RAc, RMT 
Founder and director of Hands for Health Therapy dedicated to helping patients recover quickly and efficiently through a unique combination of healing modalities of treatment. More than 10,000 hrs of therapeutic practices and more than 2,500 patients treated in 20 years of professional experience.

After focusing on treatment of pain, stress, and injuries for years; and paying particular attention to the entire spine while helping improve conditions such as neck - back pain, sciatic, headache, and all other issues that stem from it, he realized the importance of the fundamental role played by the patients with their full awareness and emotional intervention during their own healing process.

With Conscious Awareness Coherence, Edwin opens a window of opportunity to explore self, emotions, and psychosomatic symptoms through SomatoEmotional release to reach emotional origins of ailments or discomfort, finding the Inner wisdom and improving wellness.

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