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Align your Spine and Relax.

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Well-being depends on your good health...

We offer therapeutics  treatment for the mind and body 

Recover from pain and  injuries
Restore physical function
Release Emotions
Relax Your Mind
Relieve Stress
Find Harmony

Enhancing Quality Of Life Hands for Health

Pain and Injury Hands for Health

    Insurance Coverage 

    • Extended Health Care EHC
    • *Registered Acupuncturist EHC
    • *Registered Massage Therapist  EHC
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents Insurance
    • Direct MVA billing available only for Car accident
    • Debit, Cash, Cheque,  PayPal, Stripe, E -transfer


    Hands For Health Therapy

    Enhancing Physical, Mental and Emotional wellness through Holistic Therapies

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    Vertebrae Pain Hands for Health Therapy

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    Our Services

    Use your benefits for neck and back treatment, relax your mind and empower your body!

    Massage Therapy Hands for Heath Brampton

    Massage Therapy

    Effective treatment for:

    • Muscles
    • Tendons
    • Ligament
    • Connective Tissue

    Physical-Mental- Emotional

    *Back pain? Sciatic?
    *pain *Injuries  *stress?
    Let us help with 
    Relaxation, Calmness and pain relieve.

    Acupunture in Brampton


    Ancient healing  modality that studies the energetic flow.
    Stimulate your innate healing!

    • Cupping
    • Moxa
    • *Infra Red Therapy
    • Acupuncture* mindfulness

    CranioSacral Therapy in Brampton

    CranioSacral Therapy

    • Subtle Effective Relaxing Treatment
    • CNS central nervous system relaxation
    • Better range of  movement -flow
    • Activate inner healing mechanisms
    • Connect to Emotions and Release
    • SomatoEmotional Release 

    Somato Emotional Release

        • Relax Mind and Body CNS
        • Connect inner Wisdom
        • Release unconscious stored info

        Do you have questions?

        Enhancing physical, mental and emotional wellness through Holistic Therapies

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        Neck Release



        I had a knot in my shoulder and the massage I got totally removed the pain, and it never came back. This is over two years ago guys. Please just try it. I can assure you, you will be satisfied !!!
        Geraldine Francis Patient
        After trying multiple treatments for vertigo without results, I received treatment at Hands for Health from Edwin Galeano and i had a great experience with results during the sessions.  
        Edwin combined multiple treatments including mindfulness meditation along with Massage therapy and Acupuncture with amazing results.  I felt physical and emotional balance, I discover a lot about myself and I enjoyed the professionalism of the treatment.  Highly recommend it.
        Yazmin Buritica Patient
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