The Wonder Touch of Craniosacral Therapy Part II

The Wonder Touch of Craniosacral Therapy Part II

Posted 24 Mar '15

The Wonder Touch of Craniosacral Therapy Part II

Over the years treating patients with CranioSacral therapy has brought many interesting cases on how emotions can represent evident difficulties in people. The statistics show over 70% of conditions are really psychosomatic, meaning emotion representing throughout the body.

It is common to see patients going through the process of CranioSacral treatments connect to their emotions, their past experiences, their memories, specific events like accidents or incidents as they tap in the stored memory in the body. During CranioSacral therapy it is a great opportunity to connect to ones inner self, others might have called the inner wisdom or the inner physician as Dr.Upledger the founder of Craniosacral therapy called it in his book The Inner Physician In You. You know when you get the gut feelings? or when something inside of you knows the answer and you say I knew it! Or when that inner voice verifys your intuition? This is what that is all about, allowing people to be able to connect to the awareness within and listen to that inner voice that has all the record and information and connects to the subconscious mind. In other words, what is our body trying to tell us through the many symptoms we feel? Is the body trying to communicate something important with how we feel that relates to 70% of psychosomatic conditions? It is like the body is trying to communicate something and somehow we are not understanding, but when it is understood we get to one of those ah-ha moments.

When people get to understand deep inside what it is that is their symptoms relate to is almost like entering a dark room and turning on the light to see darkness disappear. As patients find out subconsciously the amount of weight their carrying on their body due to that specific traumatic event experienced and held in the body as an emotion whether it would be anger, fear, worries, resentment, grief, guilt or whatever the case may be, it is now brought to the light of the conscious mind, where many times simply disappear as it is recognized and acknowledged, other times the emotion is released as a form of expressing it.   Such as the case of young adult patient that was told by family through her growing years that anger was not to be express nor social and it was to keep to herself, up until she was able to recognize it given herself permission to release it on the treatment table. Other times its about being aware and understanding how much that specific emotion has been affecting the person throughout time not just physically but also in life in general.

The other day I received an interesting case about this lady ( name undisclosed ) who came to realized she was making herself sick. After living most of her life with all sort of symptoms related to inability to move, during treatment she came to see herself her association of being sick with being taking care for and loved in the family, she wanted to be sick without knowing so she could feel loved. It made sense for her to be sick at a subconscious level without knowing consciously about it.   Throughout all these years she was not aware of it, she also realized that she could love herself and in the process walk out of those symptom and find better movement in the body to walk in life.

What are our symptoms trying to tell us? what if we understand them rather than just blocking them? Either way that inner knowing is the key that taps into each individual healing process. As many questions arise, I will continue to write on this exciting topic and some quite amazing results on my next article.

Edwin Galeano RMT / RAc

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