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Over the past ten years, Hands for Health has been dedicated to help people to relieve their pain, to rehabilitate injuries and to reduce the levels of physical and emotional stress.

Our treatment goal is to improve the relationship between the structure and function of the body in order to restore balance, promote natural healing and enhance quality of life.

The mission at the clinic is to provide benefits to our patients physically, emotionally and mentally providing a pleasant atmosphere, where effective communication, compassion and respect are highly valued for each individual’s healing process.

My name is Edwin Galeano, founder and director of the clinic Hands for Health Therapy Clinic; I am a Certified Acupuncturist, Registered Massage Therapist, and CranioSacral Therapist. My focus is to help patients recover quickly and efficiently through the use of a unique and specific combination of modalities of treatment such as kinesiology, hydrotherapy, light therapy (infra-red and laser), electrotherapy, interferential current, TENS, ultrasound, neuro-stimulation and more. Through the years of experience as therapist, I have focused my treatment in conditions like neck and back pain, sciatic, headaches, sleeping difficulties, motor vehicle accidents and sport injuries.

A lot of the work has been done in the emotional area. CranioSacral therapy and SomatoEmotional release, stimulate rest, relaxation, repair and restoration of the body that awakens the natural healing mechanisms. Relaxation of the central nervous system is achieved by calming the rhythm caused from the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid- meaning the core of the body. These deep levels of relaxation open a window of opportunity to explore emotions, which in many cases are the source of the so called psychosomatic symptoms, achieved through inner self connection and exploration.

Edwin Galeano RMT / RAc

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